5 | The Beginning

Like I said in my third blog post, I’m going to tell you about myself up to where we are now.  It’s a rather long story, so bear with me.

My mom and dad got married in the mid-1980’s; my mom was a junior in high school, and my dad was in college.  They’re both from the same hometown (now about 18,000 people), and both of their parents owned small businesses in the community.  My mom had two sisters (both already married), and my dad had a sister (in late middle school) and a brother (a college graduate working in retail).  Even though both of my parents’ parents were still married, my dad’s parents were estranged; my grandfather used to be an abusive alcoholic, and so they slept in separate bedrooms.

I don’t know a whole lot about my parents’ married life prior to when I was born, but I do know that my mom and dad finished their respective schooling, my dad got a corporate business job, and they moved a couple of states away.  My mom was unhappy living apart from her parents and sisters, but my dad was making decent money.  She stayed.  That was when I was born.

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