1 | The Greater Good

I created this blog in May 2015.  At the time, I had huge plans for it and wanted to create a resource hub for people struggling with mental illnesses like me.  I spent days and days creating resource pages filled to the brim with as much information as I could gather.  I worked diligently on making the site visually appealing, searching for open-source images that conveyed each page’s underlying theme and tone.  I began writing short summaries of the resources that I had compiled, hoping to highlight their benefits and share the wealth of knowledge found here on the Internet.  I was hyperfocused and ready to break out into the blog scene!

Then life happened.

I returned to my university to finish up the last two classes of my graduate studies, while I worked part-time in a grocery store for financial support.  I was determined to graduate that semester, but after completing and passing my comprehensive exams (a week-long venture of writing three ten-page papers and nothing else—no work, no classes, no nothing), things started going downhill.  I fell behind in my classes due to missing a week for comps, and I was so financially unstable that I had to apply for SNAP benefits.  I also began working full-time at the grocery store, after being offered a position that paid more but required me to be at work at either 3 am, 4 am, or 5 am on a rotating schedule.  Stress and anxiety took over.  My mental health was on the decline.  My mind would not focus on the piles of work that needed to be done in order to graduate, yet I continued to prepare for graduation, inviting family to come see me walk across the stage in the next couple of weeks.

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